Smart gripping – Three new gripper series expand the IPR portfolio

Centric gripper, angular gripper and small parts gripper – just in time for the Automatica 2022, we present three new gripper series that optimally round off the portfolio. All three product series are immediately available in a total of 128 versions plus various accessory components.

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Perfect addition to the CGS portfolio

CGS3 series

The new 3-jaw universal centric gripper CGS3 is the perfect addition to the CGS portfolio. Just like the 2-jaw universal parallel gripper CGS2, the CGS3 series can be used universally and, thanks to 8 sizes with 90 different versions, offers the right gripper for almost any application. A robust T-slot sliding guide in combination with lubricant pockets in the base body as well as compatibility with any commercially available magnetic and inductive sensor make our new CGS3 centric gripper an attractive component for robotic applications. Round workpieces weighing up to 35 kg can be handled with ease – and with a finger length of up to 280 mm.

30° opening angle

WGS series

For fast gripping processes in which different workpieces are handled chaotically, we now offer the universal angular gripper series WGS. With two jaws, an opening angle of 30° (total) and optional gripping force retention by spring, the WGS angular grippers fit seamlessly into any application. The infinitely adjustable stroke limitation enables use even in tight installation spaces. Various magnetic and inductive sensors ensure constant process control. Thanks to proven lever-bone mechanics, the WGS series is particularly resistant to dirt, crashes and impacts and is therefore especially suitable for demanding applications.

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Small, smaller, MGS

MGS series

Modular assembly automation with shortest possible throughput times place high demands on the grippers installed. This is where the new MGS series shows its strength. Smallest electronic components, screws and much more are gripped safely with highest precision – at a weight of only 25 g in the smallest size! The ground-in sliding guide ensures consistently high reliability of the gripping process while the optional gripping force retention by spring protects the components in case of pressure loss. Optional sensor kits give you full control of the process at all times.

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