IPR – Environmentally friendly shipping through DHL GoGreen

We acitvely participate in protecting the environment.

For quite some time, IPR has been using the “GoGreen”-Service by DHL. GoGreen is a novel concept that seeks to combine profitable business solutions with sustainability. Therefore, the CO2-emmissions produced due to the shipmint of our products are tracked according to the standard ISO14064. DHL then seeks to equalize the negative environmental impact by means of green projects, such as windparks and solar fields. As an example, DHL is now using electric drives in many of its transporters. Furthermore, it is involved in the construction of wind farms in China, Sri-Lanka and India. DHL applies the goals and rocommendations of the Kyoto-protocoll for setting its own standards. Hence, it is the first global logistics corporation that has set itself a measurable goal in protecting the environment.

Find out more: http://dp-dhl-gogreen.de