News 4. October 2021

Change at the top of IPR GmbH – Walter Sayer takes over as successor

Reliability and sustainability are values that are particularly important to us. We are actively working on putting IPR in a position to face the challenges of the future and securing the succession while at the same time driving growth. With support from our private equity partner HANNOVER Finanz we now successfully completed our succession plan.

“I chose IPR because I can see enormous growth potential in the product portfolio in this age of increasing automation. The premium segment fits my CV and I see parallels with my previous activities in the products. I am convinced that IPR can become the premium brand in the field of robot peripherals worldwide. My goal is, together with the team, to put IPR in a position of sustainable, profitable growth in the next ten years,” says Walter Sayer, commenting on his decision to join IPR. The 55-year-old father of two adds, “There is also a personal reason: I am a Swabian. My family lives here, and commuting between Germany and Switzerland was not an option for me in the long term.”

Since the equity capital partner invested in the company in 2015, the Doll family of entrepreneurs and HANNOVER Finanz have jointly transformed IPR into a management-led company, initially adding interim managing director Dr. Markus Kamp to the management team. A physicist and engineer with industrial experience, he is now handing over his duties to Walter Sayer and moving to the company’s Advisory Board.

Jörg Caesar, a Partner at HANNOVER Finanz, comments: “When they took on HANNOVER Finanz as an equity partner six years ago, the company’s founders had the foresight to initiate the corporate succession process. We have contributed our many years of experience in transforming medium-sized family businesses into management-led enterprises. Our commitment remains as great as ever. We will continue to stand by IPR in the future and look forward to working with Walter Sayer.”

With the arrival of Walter Sayer as sole director, the founding Doll family is ushering in a new era for IPR. Fredy Doll, who will be leaving the company at the end of 2021, takes this opportunity to look back: “When we decided six years ago to tackle the succession arrangements in good time and secure the company for the future, it was the right step to bring HANNOVER Finanz with its network into the group of shareholders. Together, we were able to deal with the handover. In the form of Walter Sayer, IPR has the right managing director on board. I know the company is in good hands and wish Walter Sayer luck and success in mastering the challenges of the future.”