News 23. April 2021

CGS2 – Our universal parallel gripper for every application

Whether for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or handling technology – our new parallel gripper series CGS2 makes reliable gripping of workpieces with a wide variety of geometries possible across all industries and environments. This enables you to increase the productivity of your automated production lines. Especially when high demands are made on reliability and precision, the CGS2 gripper offers you the right component.

Universal use

Compatible, precise and robust – this is what the parallel gripper series CGS2 stands for. The new gripper series was developed for universal use and is ideal for applications with handling weights from 0.4 kg to 96 kg with force-fit gripping. From clean assembly applications to dirt-prone applications in forges and foundries, there is a suitable gripper for every task. The universal parallel gripper enables a very high permissible moment load due to a maximum guide length of the base jaws. This allows you to use very long gripper fingers. Due to the T-slot guide, the gripper is insensitive to collisions and impacts, and it is particularly protected against jamming in the case of strongly protruding gripper fingers. Thanks to the lubricant pockets incorporated in the sides of the jaws, permanent storage of lubricating grease and thus maintenance-free use is ensured. Another reason that speaks for the flexible application of our gripper: You can attach common sensors from various manufacturers and use them in your application.

Maximum gripping forces

The effective area of the oval piston has been optimized for the geometry of the base body to allow maximum gripping forces. The minimal interference contour and high power density also benefited from this, as the weight-optimized design makes the CGS2 gripper up to 15% lighter than comparable universal grippers. Due to a spring installed in the piston chamber, the gripping force can be maintained even in the event of a drop in compressed air pressure.

You can find out more about the CGS2 gripper in our brochure: